Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sense of Sight

Learning about the Sense of Sight was fun,
especially since we did it on the same day we went to the circus!

First we read the book
Seeing by Sharon Gordon

This book is great!
Seriously, it is!
In the book it talked about how your pupils dilate when it is dark because they want to pull in as much sunlight as possible.

So I had M. put on my sunglasses
for a minute so we could check it out.

Then, we ran in the light bathroom and she could see her pupils shrink until they were very tiny.
We did this a couple of times because it was so cool!

Before learning time,
I had taped some colored cellophane on the windows so they could see things in in different colors.
Super easy and fun!
(Yes. Baby H. has a pen he's coloring with on the window.)
Then in preparation for going to the circus we made colorful glasses.
She could watch the circus in whatever color she chose.
Her cousin loved them as well!

It was such a fun little circus, because it was so small we could see everything really well!
Then when they tired of the glasses,
they made great containers to hold their Nerds candies.

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We made a simple pair of binoculars,
and went for a walk to try them out.

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Sidewalk Painting
Here's my recipe for cheap easy sidewalk paint.
Fun and colorful!
(I can't wait for summer!)

Have you done anything with light, color, or sense of sight?
List your link in the colors below and I'll add it to this blog post!

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  1. awesome! What fun was had by all! I love the creativity!

  2. I love how many activities you come up with each week to go with the theme! Those binoculars are adorable, and what a great idea to look at the world through different colored cellophane! Thanks for sharing at WOTT!


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