Monday, February 27, 2012

The Sense of Touch Scavenger Hunt

I think learning about the sense of touch was our most fun day so far in learning about the five senses.
And it also took the most work to get it ready.
Funny how that seems to work!

I started out with these materials:
Something scratchy, rough, bumpy, slick, and soft.
And while they watched PBS I cut them into smaller squares.

Then we went down to the classroom and got learning!
We started with the sense of touch book called
Touching By Sharon Gordon.

I had them sit the textured mats while we read,
afterwards I turned on some fun music,
pulled their shoes off and let them feel the different textures with their feet while they danced.
I kept repeating the texture vocabulary words,
Bumpy, rough, scratchy, soft, slick and smooth.
so she would be ready for the scavenger hunt.

They got to play in the texture sensory table.

I had her close her eyes and had her guess what texture she was feeling.
Then they played for about 10 minutes while I set everything up.
We put on blind folds on both of them so they could focus on the textures they were touching.

She couldn't move until I told her what texture to step onto.
The texture scavenger hunt lead up the stairs,

and into the dining room, where we had a bag filled with a little left over Valentines day candy.
We did this twice, so we didn't waste all that square cutting,
I also saved the squares to pull this out on a rainy day.

We went back down and I let them create a texture collage.

They pretty much had free reign to use whatever materials they had played with and glue in onto their paper.
She had so much fun cutting and creating.
Don't you love how it turned out?
I was inspired by Teach Preschool to make a collage.

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