Friday, March 16, 2012

Weather Busy Box

This week while studing Weather I decided to do something new.
I made a Busy Box for M.
To coordinate with our weekly theme.
I pulled it out a few mornings this week so she could learn,
while I could get some chores done.

I started with some learning sheets that I slipped into sheet protectors so she could reuse them
Plus, writing with markers is 10x more fun!
I found this sheet here.

She was working on these just after breakfast,
so I could tidy up the kitchen!
Don't you love the bedhead :)
I found this sheet here.

Naturally when baby H. saw her working on her busy box,
He wanted to join in the fun.
I had her line up the blocks on the letter Ww for "weather"
And he had fun messing them up and doing his own thing.
I found this sheet from here.

I also wanted to have some more fine motor skill fun!
So I bought some fun umbrellas from the $1 and let her put them into our sugar shaker.
She loved the frilly-ness of this!

Here are some other sheets that I also put in her box.
This one found here and others here.
I also slipped in some weather books she could look at and study too.

Some people might think that this is just to keep M. busy,
but that's just a bonus.
All the activities are helping her become school ready.
Really! They are, like putting the umbrella's in is helping her with her fine motor skills that will help her be able to do handwriting better. Placing the blocks on the letter helps her do similar things, as well as helps with letter recognition. And all of the activities help her connect with our weekly theme of weather so that some cross curricular learning is going on. (Aka she is recognizing weather wherever she goes!)

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