Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weather Unit: Sunshine on my Shoulder

It's sun catcher day today!
An easy fun, no mess craft!

Yay! Spring is here,
so sorry people, we have been playing outside,
and my blog has taken a backseat.
We studied about Sunshine today,
how fitting :)

Have you seen the book Sunshine on My Shoulder?
It illustrates John Denver's song,
and it is such a fun and beautiful book!

We also read Bear in the Sunshine
Which is a really cute book,
and goes through all of the types of weather.

After we read our books we made sun catcher sunshine.
I drew a sun shape on the paper part of some contact paper I had.

Then we taped it to the window,
(putting tape on the non sticky side)
and stuck our tissue paper squares onto it.

Super fun and easy and no mess!
Baby H. loved this activity,
because it was fun and tactile and different.
Don't you love fat baby hands?
Baby H. loved it so much that we sang, Mr. Sun with him.

After they were finished I cut a bigger piece of contact paper,
and stuck it on top of our sun catchers, and cut it out.
Easy peasy!

Last year when we learned about the sun,
we went totally in depth,
we learned about the solar system and everything.
We read, My Place in Space

I don't know if it's because of baby H, or what.
But this year I like things simpler.

Here are my old posts on the sun:

Where we made a glowing sun out of paper mache.

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Where we learned about the creation.


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