Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Princess-ify Your Play Set

On with Princess Week!

In preparation for our princess puppet show,
I hung some curtains on our play set.
And it looked so cute,
so I went to town and hung some more!

I found this fuzzy pink material at the thrift store,
It was a big curtain I think, but for 6 yards, it was $2 total.
So I don't mind using it for fun random projects.
I hung the material with the Quilter's Tacker.
Which is a super easy way to hang tacks.

I also hung a piece of thick butcher paper,
and she started acting out Sleeping Beauty.

Playing with puppets helps children personalize their vocabulary,
improve recall, and can motivate children to read.
Makes sense right? :)

We used the puppets that she made when we studied,
I glued on eyes and sticks on all of them,
to make them puppet friendly.
Another side benefit for Sweetie Pie,
Is that by me saving her creations,
and telling her these are good enough for a puppet show,
it validates her creativity.

After the puppet show,
she cleaned up,
and you can see how I tacked the butcher paper onto the beams.
The paper will probably come down,
but I think I will leave up the curtains this summer,
We'll see what the hubby says...:)

In the mean time,
here are some of the great books we have been reading during princess week:
Pirates and Princesses
By Jill & Sadie Kargman

This is a cute coming of age book,
when two best friends go to Kindergarten
they have a hard time staying best friends.
It was a sweet book that had a princess spin on real life.

Ella Bella Ballerina
and Sleeping Beauty
by James Mayhew
This is my FAVORITE! {And M's too!}
We just discovered these books, and they are great.
It incorporates ballet into the Sleeping Beauty story,
because it is already a famous ballet,
and does a great job of educating and entertaining.

The Very Fairy Princess
By Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton
Written by Mary Poppins and her daughter.
This book is another real life book with a princess spin.
A little girl who loves princesses does not get cast as the main princess in the ballet.
However, she comes to the rescue in the major way.

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  1. How fun!! We have the same playset. I made curtains and gave my daughter extra large clothespins (I bought at Michaels on clearance) so she can hang them all round both parts of the playhouse. She loves it.


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