Monday, April 30, 2012

Princess Week Wrap-up

We had a fun time having princess fun during princess week!

To finish up the week,
we headed over to the library for their Princesses and Pirates day.

It was so fun!
Everyone was invited to dress up,
so you better believe we did!

So here are some of my favorite princess posts from people I follow:

 Inspirations Surrounds always comes up with great ideas!
This time she had her children decorating princess dresses made out of play dough.
I can't even stand how much fun this looks.
The next rainy day we are totally doing this!
Go here to see how she did it.

I thought this idea from the Tutuzone was a fun one.
They used a sucker to create a fairy princess.
What a fun idea, we have all made ghosts out of suckers,
But a fairy princess would be so much more fun!

This idea is from Come Together Kids
She came up with this fun idea and created it before they went to see the movie Mirror Mirror.

The idea is that kids look at their reflection and see the crown upon their head.
This would also be a great way to talk about self worth.
Go here to see the great DIY.

This idea is from Casa Camacho
This is a really cute blog that I just started following.
She has lots of fun craft ideas, as well as practical home management ideas and printables.
Here she had a princess muffin tin tea party.
She had things like: Unicorn Calzones, and a Fruit Wand.
Go here to see the details.

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