Tuesday, April 17, 2012

J is for Jelly Beans

Did you know that next week is National Princess Week?

We are busy around here getting all of our ideas ready!
Although we know it is a marketing scheme, we still love princesses,
and are excited to spend a week on that theme.

Here is what we did at Preschool today.

We learned all about the letter Jj,
and we focused our day around jelly beans.
This is actually the PERFECT time to learn about the letter Jj,
because all of the Jelly beans are 50-70% off at the stores.

During circle time we used our jelly bean pointers,
to work on our learning mats.

We read My "Jj" book by Jane Belk Moncure.
I love these books!
They are so vintage,
I was thrilled when I found the WHOLE set at my thrift store.

In the book little "J" finds things that start with the letter J,
and puts them in his box,
and often he jumped over his box while he did it.

We held the things that started with Jj and jumped over our box too.  Then in our journals we wrote down words that start with the letter Jj.

Next we had fun with Jelly beans.
Our current Math unit is to learn about patterns.

I was delighted to find this printable!

The children had a blast extending the patterns.

And making their own patterns too.

We also sorted our jelly beans,
cause why not!

I found this printable here (as part of a jellybean kit)
We used milk jug lids to match the circles.
I've been saving them up for months!!

Then it was time for snack.
I made an Amish eggless sugar dough recipe, found here.

I rolled out the dough and cut out the letter Jj.

Then I had them use....you guessed it...jelly beans
to make a pattern on their letter Jj.
Yum and fun!
The ended up throwing away most of their jelly beans.
Your welcome Mr. Dentist.

Last but not least we learned the rhyme, Jack be nimble.
I put a real candle stick down,

and they jumped over it while we said the rhyme.
Thanks Preschool Daze for the idea!

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