Thursday, April 19, 2012

Princess Week Ideas

We jumped into Princess Week early
Here are some of the fun things we did this week!

We started by talking about being a princess for a day...
Aka getting married!

We talked about how fun it is to get married,
and about how important it is!
Why not right?
Have you noticed how more and more people choose not to get married? 
I decided to keep stressing the importance of it to her, starting when she is young.

We watched my wedding video, and read a book about my wedding.
Then we made princess cup cakes.

We flipped over a cup cake pulled out the frosting, and got decorating.
It was a fun way to talk about the importance of getting married!

Next, we played Disney on Ice.
We froze some princess figurines,
And put a cookie sheet with water in the freezer.

It was a great outside activity.
To make the "ice skating rink" pink,
I just mixed some tempera paint in, and added glitter on top.

To easily get the princess ice cubes out of the tray,
I dipped the bottom of the muffin tin
into some hot water in the sink for a couple of seconds.

After they were finished playing,
I just popped everything back into the freezer,
And on the next hot day we'll pull it back out!
Thanks to Time for Play for this great activity!

Happy Princess Week!

Here are some of our other princess ideas from our unit last year:

Where I gave her card board cutouts,
and lots of fun materials, and she made her own princess.
I can't wait to do this again,
to see what she comes up with now!

We learned about Marie Antoinette,
and made and decorated a cake.

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  1. What fabulous ideas! What is Princess Week? Have I missed an official celebration? Will show my children these - I think we might by trying them ourselves!


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