Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Community Helper Felt Board and Wrap-up

Whoops Sorry!!
We went on vacation, and so did my blog :)
But tomorrow I'm really excited to show you the tricks we used on our road trip, and they worked!

In the mean time, here are the final things we did for Community Helpers, and some other great ideas, I can't wait to try next time.

During Preschool, we matched the vehicle to the Community Helper.
Aren't these so cute! They are found here.

We used a flannel board,
and I attached the pictures using Velcro,
but you could also glue on flannel on the back as well.
It's kind of an old school method of teaching,
but it's different and captures their attention.

Here are my favorite ideas from the blogs I follow,
I love all of these Community Helper ideas.

I love this cute idea from Homeschool Creations!
They created a doctor bag page and learned about the letter Dd.

I adore this idea from New Hope International School
They learned about a different Community Helper each day,
and for Dentists they painted a tooth with a paint brush!

This idea from Living Life Intentionally boggles my mind:
She introduced a social studies unit starting with home, and then family and then community.
They went on field trips for each one,
and drew lots of pictures.
You really have to stop by her site to see it!

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