Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Home for Hermit Crab

On with our ocean adventures!
Time to learn about Hermit Crabs...

We read the book, A Home for Hermit Crab
by Eric Carle
It is a cute story about a hermit crab who needs a new shell,
but he wants to decorate it,
so he goes around the ocean floor,
collecting things in the ocean that will make his shell more homey.

After we read the book we decided to make our own
 fancy hermit crab shell.
I pulled some colorful pages out of magazines.
and then she cut small pieces out.
I cut a square of contact paper, and taped it sticky side up.
You can see it taped to the blue file folder above.
You can find contact paper at the grocery store next to the shelf liners.

That made it so easy for her to cut out colorful pieces,
and stick them onto the paper to make a mosaic.

Then I painted her hand red,
to make it look like a hermit crab body.
After it dried,
I cut out the hand. 

I added some more contact paper on top,
 cut her magazine mosaic,
and drew a shell shape on top.
I think they turned cute!

Seriously this would be a great classroom craft.
super easy, and easy to make look great.
I know Mother's Day is past,
but this would be an easy way to make into
flower onto a Mom's Day card.
Just sayin'

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  1. now that is adorable and such a great idea. I may have to borrow it


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