Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sweetness in the Chocolate Chips

I have waited my whole life to have a four year old & a two year old.
I have always thought that four year olds are the secret of life.
I love the way my little M. smiles at the world.
I love the way she wakes up with a smile on her face.
And I love the sweet and funny things she says everyday.

Today I learned a little lesson.
While baby H. was taking a nap,
M. and I made some cookies.
I let her help me, but it was not a leisurely task.
We still laughed and had fun,
but I was a little stressy.
In the end, the cookies were a total flop.
The same recipe that I made last week turned into cookies that couldn't even be scraped off the pan.

I felt like I wasted an hour and a half.
I ended up adding tons more flour than the recipe called for,
and saved the last couple of dozen.

But as I looked at M. sitting and eating the last bit of the cookie dough, I realized I missed the boat.
She was so content and happy to have spent time with me and enjoying the fruits of her hard work,
and I had a furrowed brow.

My time would have been better spent enjoying the moment.
Next time, even if we have somewhere to be,
or a deadline.
I just want to enjoy the sweetness in the chocolate chips.
Maybe like slow down now, and hurry later.

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