Tuesday, October 30, 2012

H is for Happy Haunted Halloween

For Halloween in Preschool everyone was invited to dress up.
We started out introducing the letter Hh by painting some haunted houses with water colors.
Then on the black paper we added some spooky ghosts.

For our snack we made Haunted Houses
Or Gingerbread Houses made out of chocolate gram crackers.
I gave each person their own bowl of frosting.
Not economical, but more sanitary :).
This was great for their imaginations and fine motor skills!
And they surprisingly didn't eat very much candy,
well at least at school!

They all turned out fantastic,
M. was really proud of her house.

For Math we did a witches brew and sorted and counted our candies. We used monster fangs (candy corn), baby ghosts (mini marshmallows), and pumpkins (candy pumpkins) to sort.
We wrote down how many we had on our paper.
Which required lots of help from me, aka no pictures of that part. :)

For music time we read Ghosts in the House
By Kazuno Kohara
It's a non scary haunted house book about a witch who moves into a big house filled with ghosts.
She catches them all, washes them in the laundry, and uses them for curtains, table clothes and blankets.

For the music side of it, I turned on Halloween music and they acted out the book.  Here most of them are hanging their ghosts up to dry.

Then they lined up by the fan and let their ghosts fly through the room.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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