Thursday, November 15, 2012

Halloween Fun Part II

We had tons of fun during the Halloween Season!
We carved pumpkins...
Ha ha! Look of that face!

We went to the Witch festival.
I don't know why H. is crying...he's holding a cookie in his hand. What could be wrong?

We went trick or treating

And we had more preschool fun.
Have I told you yet that I LOVE my preschool co-op!
It's so fun and so easy.
The kids get so much variety.
and it's free!!

The kids loved painting so much the first day,
that we did it again the second day.
It's great for fine motor skills,
and we connected literature to art.
(Five Little Pumpkins, which we read for math last time.)

For the Letter Hh we used cereal with "holes"
and then when they were finished,
they used the do a dot markers to fill in the Hh.
These printables are of course from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

I had them write in their journals about what they were for Halloween.

...eating their toasties.
And we made cinnamon sugar toasts.

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