Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Boston Trip!

Our good friends have a family Beachhouse in Boston. 
The flights were long, but it was totally worth it!
Flying with kids is not the best part or the worst part, but I'll write more on that later ;)
The beach house was a dream with
 360 views of the ocean.
My goals were to go with the flow and take advantage of the beach.
(Do you see the sweetest 3wk old baby our friends just adopted?)

Even if we only had 15 minutes, 
(This is me running with the kids on the beach.)

or it was raining, 

or if my kids were still in jammies 
we headed to the beach every day. 

It made me realize that I don't have to carve out huge chunks of time to have fun,
I just need to throw my sneakers or sandals on and have a blast!

The other thing it made me realize is that it stinks to be land locked!
It also made me realize that life is so much easier when I have Mr. Handsome to help take care of all these kids!
It's hard to come home!!

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  1. Super cute and I totally agree about taking advantage of the moment! So glad you guys could join us!! Now where to for our next adventure??


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