Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh no!

I've been trying so hard to give everyone the attention they need,
and then well...
Let's just say, it's not my fault!
Today was one of those crazy days,
100 loads of laundry to do,
replacing a broken dishwasher,
and I'm trying to get our house somewhat clean before a little family getaway.
We went out to my husband's work to meet him for a trip to Lowe's to buy a dishwasher.
It ended up taking WAY longer than I thought it would,
and by the end we were all super cranky.
Fast forward through a spilled milkshake in the car, and a screaming baby we all made it home in more or less one piece.
So anyway, back to the story.
I was enjoying quiet time while feeding the baby, 
my kids are playing outside on this gorgeous day,
and the doorbell rings...
Let me just say, this is my pet peeve, when the kids ring the doorbell over and over and over, just for fun.
They had just gone outside,
and the big kids were with my little boy {so I thought}
so I chose to ignore the doorbell.
And then it happens...
My newly potty trained boy rings the doorbell in one last attempt to get my attention.

I set my sweet baby down
(why is he always getting the short end of the stick?)
and open the front door.
There, in naked his bliss is my sweet little boy,
peeing a steady stream all over the front porch.
He tried, and well, I didn't listen.
But to his credit he did not pee on the welcome mat. {woo hoo!}
As moms we are trying, but sometimes even our best efforts result in failures. 
Just mini failures, like a naked boy on the porch.
Nothing great was ever accomplished without little bumps along the way.
We are doing the most important work of our lives RIGHT now.  
No matter what stage we are in.
We are trying to create faithful, hardworking, loving people.
So lets keep trekin' because it is well worth it.

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  1. Oh Kate, how I miss you! I have always LOVED your amazingly positive outlook- you are so inspiring!! Love this post, love your blog, love you!


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