Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's Pajama Time

Every night I almost wish I had a 30 minute energy pill to have enough umph to get my babies to bed.
(I guess I could just drink a Diet Coke right?)
I decided bedtime is the epitome of motherhood,
the good the bad and ugly.

When I reflect back on the typical bedtime, let's be honest, it's pretty rough.
I guess I remember the worst.

But last night I let myself indulge in bedtime, and middle of the night time, and everything in between.
I looked past the tiny fits, and the nightly tooth brushing woes.
I let my heart sing (too cheesy?) when my children snuggled into me while we were reading.
I soaked in the piggy back rides to their beds,
and the good night kisses.

And even when two out of the three kids woke up multiple times in the night, I tried to change my bad attitude, and just enjoyed rocking them, praying with them and singing to them.

It just made me realize that blessings come in tired packages.
Plus they are so cute and quiet when they are sleeping! Right?

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