Saturday, September 21, 2013

U is for Umbrellas

For the letter Uu we focused on umbrellas to 
help us remember the letter.
Our snack on our first day we did was an umbrella made out of a strawberry M&Ms blue sprinkles, and some mini marshmallows. 
I cut the strawberries in half and divided everything into individual baggies so it would be easy for them to work on their own. 

They had a lot of fun putting them together!

We also made umbrellas and dripped glue on it, and sprinkled it with glitter and hung them up to let the glue drip like rain.
It was really fun, but I should have taken a picture of my floor.
Blue glue drips for days.

For our centers we used our paint/gel bags to trace the letter Uu.

Then the kids put play-dough on the letter Uu and stuck paper umbrellas in it. 

Got to love the Leap Frog magnets!

For our snack on Day 2 we made unicorns.
Or pigs, with horns...
They were fun and the girls got it!

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