Saturday, September 21, 2013

F is for families

We opened our Chinese-English preschool!

It's in my friends parents basement. {I know generous, right?}
This is the English room set up.

We are using the program "Handwriting Without Tears."
Which basically starts with the easiest letters to write, and progresses through the alphabet.
You can see the boards on the dresser in the back.

This is our Chinese room.
Totally adorable!

We started with Families so the children could learn how to say the names of family members in Chinese.

For the English portion (what I help teach),
we read the book Jonathan and His Mommy
Which is a really cute book about different steps he and his mommy take while they are walking.
It was a great transition book that we acted out.

We worked the letter sound and writing let letter.
There is an app called I Write Words.

Its a really great app for helping them learn how to properly form the letters. 

 It doesn't let them trace the letter the wrong way.  It was a great way to reward the children for good behavior. (Jake was listening really well, so he gets to play the letter game first!)
Get the lite version first, and see if you like it. :)
Just a little friendly advice.

We made the letter Ff out of faces.
Using the Do a Dot page from Confession of a Homeschooler

We put the family on the letter F

We sorted the mommies and the daddies

We also put play dough on the frog.
Because it was the first week we kept things pretty simple and fun.
That way we could focus on establishing rules and procedure. 

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