Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life Cycle: Fish

The life cycle of a fish is so cool!
So we decided to act/dance/draw it out.
I got onto You tube, but the best fish life cycle video for kids is
Finding Nemo

I decided a fun way to do this would be to make a fish costume.
My inspiration came from a duck towel we have.
I cut out my fabric with pinking shears (so I didn't have to finish the edges.)

Don't be overwhelmed by using fabric.
You could make a small fish costume out of a brown grocery sack.

I also sewed a small fish for her to decorate.
She painted it with puff paint.
And added some fabric frills.

Then when the costume was complete we headed outside.
To represent the fish eggs she blew bubbles.

To represent the baby fish she ran around the yard
with the fish she had painted.

Then we went inside and put on her favorite music
and danced it out.
Dancing is a great way for children to understand sequencing.
This is her pretending to be a little fish egg.

Next she walked around on her knees to be a baby fish.
It was fun to have her pretend to be a fish!

These are the books we are reading with our fish theme.


  1. The idea to use bubbles as fish eggs is great, they kinda do look like bubbles!
    The fish costume is adorable, is that just ribbon on the back of it?
    ~Aleacia@Dilly-Dali Art

  2. The kids look so cute in the fish costume. I love the idea of making bubbles to represent fish eggs - what a novel idea.

  3. What a great way to learn about fish! All the movement activities look like fun. The fish towel is super cute.


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