Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weather Unit: Salt Crystal Snowflakes

For our Weather Unit we learned about snow!

We read the book The Snowflake, A Water Cycle Story
By Neil Waldman

Then we whipped up some salt crystal snowflakes,

Using 1/3 c. Borax and 2 c. boiling water.
Thanks, Delia Creates, for the easy DIY instructions!

We let it sit overnight,
And magically, salt crystals have formed!

We talked about how salt crystals are kind of like ice crystals that form when the water freezes in the clouds.

Then we wanted to play with spray snow,
We placed our snow flakes down to spay them with spray snow.

And when we took them away,
A snowflake is left on the paper!

Then M. drew a girl snowman in the snow.
It was so fun to play in,
but I'm not sure how safe it is,
So I watched her the whole time,
and we washed her hands really well afterwards.

She even shoveled the snow like Daddy does!

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