Monday, March 12, 2012

Weather Unit: Melted Crayon Rainbows

This is day one of our Weather Unit.
March is the BEST time to study weather because the weather is so versatile in March.

Ever since I saw these hearts I knew I wanted to make my own wax paper/melted crayon project.

We read the darling book, What Will the Weather Be Like Today?
By Paul Rogers.
This book is a MUST for weather units,
the pictures are great and each page is filled with cute rhymes.
We were lucky enough to inherit this book from my mother-in-law who is an AMAZING Kindergarten teacher. 
Right now this book is listed on Amazon for $85, so if I were you I would check it out from the library, or try to snag it at a Thrift Store or library book sale.
The book ends in a beautiful rainbow with the rhyme,
"And sometimes the rain and the sun come out to play,
and make a beautiful rainbow in the sky that day."

We talked about rainbows and then we practiced the sequence of rainbows, which was a new concept for M.

Then we got out our less used cheese grater and grated some crayons in rainbow order.
Then I used our iron placed old rags on top and on bottom to iron the crayon and wax paper together.
(If you do this use old rags, because the rags get stained and waxy.)
Here's what they looked like!
We did not iron them on the ground. :)
Then I cut them out into arches and let M. practice rainbow sequence again.
Then I taped them onto a string and hung it in our window.
I'm hoping our cheese grater will make a full recovery...
But if not it looks kinda pretty like this.
Here are some old posts about
Rainbows from our weather unit last year:


  1. Hi there! Thanks for posting a comment on my blog about my rainbow...I THINK your Rainbow is BEAUTIFUL...I LOVE IT! AND I love that you used many activities to teach the kids about rainbows and colors! Hope to see you around the "blogosphere"! Have a good day!
    Carolyn (from Mama's Little Muse)

  2. so cute - I love rainbow craft - it ties in well with the St Pat's day theme as well; in fact I love arainbow craft so much I have a whole board of crafty ideas on pinterest;

  3. Your acivities are great! And the rainbow craft is very creative!

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