Thursday, March 1, 2012

Five Senses Field Trip

For preschool, we went to the Sweet's Candy Factory
for a guided tour!
To explore our five senses.
They had us wear these adorable hair nets!
Baby H. had a conniption trying to keep his on.
They checked our purses and camera's.
So I didn't get any real life shots,
(Which I probably wouldn't have been possible any way since I was holding baby H.'s hands down from ripping his hair net off his head.) 

 The tour took us through many exciting parts of candy making.
We got to see them stretching a thick roll of taffy.
This picture is from the online Sweets Factory Tour.
 Taffy batch roller

I think one of the most exciting parts was to see them making the jelly beans and throwing in sugar, colors, and flavors into a huge vat.  They let us try the unpolished jelly beans. Yum!
This picture is from the online tour.
Taffy staging

This is also the place that they make the orange sticks.
We got to watch them cover the orange in chocolate.
(It was from a very long distance, but it smelled divine!)
This picture is from the online tour.
orange stick chocolate eurober

You wouldn't believe how many samples they give you.
Baby H. who has a sweet tooth, loved this!

At the conclusion of the tour they give you even more free samples and lead you into the Sweets store.
Dreams are made of this store!

Needless to say we bought loads of candy,
and I threw my diet out the window!

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  1. Yay, I love Sweets Candy Factory! I've done the tour like 3 times and it doesn't get old. :) Thanks to all the yummy samples and candy at the end. I need to go do it again with Cami and Lex!

  2. Love the hair nets! What a fun time!


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